Back to school 2023-2024: Sanura association and Life USA equip 150 children with school kits in Togo

“Who gives to the poor and the needy, lends to God says an adage”. It’s in that perspective that the association “Serve Allah in His Nobility and Unicity Regarding All” (Sanura) is committed to children, orphans and deprived parents of the Agoè-Nyivé Community 1 in Lomé Togo.

At the edge of the start of the school year 2023-2024, Sanura association proceeded on September 04, 2023 to a distribution of school kits to 150 vulnerable children from the Agoè-Nyivé community 1. A gesture made possible with the help of our American Partner Life USA.

School kits made up of notebooks, bics, pencils, colored pencils, slates, geometric sets and backpacks were given to children in primary and secondary courses.

According to the financial director of the Sanura association, Lambara Nouri, representing the president, these kits came at the right time to help the needy and children of poor parents to have school supplies. “This is not the first time that we have done such an activity. We have noticed the difficulties that some parents have in preparing the start of the school year of their children. And several children get back to school without even a notebook, ”he explained.

The beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the Sanura association and to the American partner Life USA for this gesture which allows them to resume the school year without worry.

Note that the Sanura Association created since 2018 is officially registered with Togolese public authorities in February 2022. It goals wereto contribute to youth education and to improve its socio-economic living conditions and cultural aspects. As such, it intervenes in fields such as health, education, culture, the environment, social and human rights. To his credit, we can note the care of 11 orphans for 5 years from their host families, the distribution of food and meats during the Ramadan celebration.

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